Posted on December 31, 2012 at 5:23 am

What's Happenin'

Another rape case in India already!

“Amanat”, the 23-year old victim of a gang rape in Delhi, has only just been cremated, and already, another horrific rape case has been circulating in the news – this time in West Bengal, India.  That case too has culminated in the deaths of the innocent victims, and like the Delhi case is a suspected gang rape.

According to reports, in the West Bengal case, a woman and her husband were attacked, while returning home from work.  The couple worked at a nearby brick factory.  The facts of this case are just as sickening as the Delhi Gang Rape.  Here too, six men were involved.  They attacked the couple and dragged the woman to a nearby farm.  Her body was found with multiple injuries.  They also poured acid into the husband’s mouth, which of course, resulted in immediate bodily injury to internal organs.  Completely sickening news!

Some news reports are claiming to case has been filed, some say no suspects have been found, but others say police have detained four suspects.  We hope that police show due diligence, catch the culprits, and punish them severely for their crimes!

It is time for action!!