Posted on November 12, 2012 at 12:11 am

What's Happenin'

Cryptic Stanza – Teri Maut feat Raxstar

Now this is another type of twist in the Asian Scene! How many UK Asian songs, whether Punjabi or Urban, can you recall that discuss the issue of death? How many producers would break boundaries on their debut release by fusing the emotive strings of the Sarangi with hard-hitting military-esque cinematic music? On Halloween we unleash Teri Maut (Death)! Guess Halloween came a bit late for them! Well find out if it spooked you out!

This is a sinister piece of creativity that has combined part Punjabi, part English lyrics with the vocals of 3 globally based heavy-duty rappers. The trio give a fierce and unique representation of the concept through their lyrics, sound and flow. An idea that was the brain child of Cryptic Stanza back in 2009, has been given life by newcomer Gurvinder Singh, both of whom are based in Leicester, England. This is one intense single that strikes at the heart of how people forget that death is inevitably around the corner!

The track features Raxstar, commonly seen as the standout UK Asian Rapper for many years, with something slightly different from his box of magic tricks. He unites with Toronto extraordinaire Genuine Soundz who has gained a vast online following over the past couple of years. Finally, we have Young Soorma with his raw Punjabi feel, providing the pièce de résistance to the track.


Each artist brings their own style, yet together these jigsaw pieces fit together like a masterpiece, the colours of death as painted by Gurvinder Singh. This is a stepping stone for the young producer who is currently working on his debut album ‘The Cure’ which features a real fusion of music with vocals from dance anthems like ‘Aar Nachle’ to the conveying of folk legends such as ‘Sassi’ and ‘Sucha Soorma’.

Teri Maut has been combined with a visually thought provoking video, thanks to the hard work and creativity of MadTatterFilms, who has given us the perfect visual aid to accompany the track.For Cryptic Stanza, the concept is all about creating an anthem and giving a spotlight to all four individuals who have put their efforts into building it. Who said innovative Asian Music was dead?


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