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Chatting with PropheC

When a friend asks you who your favorite singer, actor, actress is, we quickly respond with a name. From the many artists out there who make great music, there should be one name that should come to everyone’s mind when asked that simple question. His name is PropheC; singer, songwriter and producer. PropheC has been on the rise fairly quickly, from the release of his single Sohni to the release of his album Forever. 

With the busy schedule PropheC has touring, going to school and making phenomenal music, Urban Asian had the opportunity to interview him. Find out what PropheC had to say about what he likes to do and upcoming projects!

How and when did you first discover that music was your passion?

I first started singing at the age of 5. Soon after, I got a vocal trainer and began classical training. I’ve always been passionate about music, but when I was around 16, I started making my own beats and producing original songs. It was after writing my first song “Sohni” I decided to turn this passion into a career.

Did you have another career path in mind besides music? If so, what career?

I’m also a university student studying Business Marketing.

You released your first album ‘Forever’ which was successful and had many great tracks, which one meant the most to you and why?

I think it’s hard to choose a favorite out of all my tracks. But the one that sticks out for me right now is To The Stars. I never planned on putting the original version on the album. But one night I just started messing around with the original beat. By the next day I had finished recording a full track to it and realized it had to be the intro track to ‘Forever’. A week later I sent the track to the BBC Asian Network and ended up being play-listed. Glad I decided on keeping it.


Recently, you have been working with a lot of artists like Bikram Singh, RV Narang, Raxstar just to name a few, who else would you like to work with in the future?

I’m inspired by artists such as A.R Rahman, Weeknd, Skrillex etc. So instead of writing pages of artists I want to work with, lets just say anyone who is innovative and creative with their style and has a positive attitude towards making good music.

We just heard the news recently that you are working with Prabh Gill on his album along side with Manni Sandhu and Desi Routz. How did this project come about?

I met up with Prabh Gill in Punjab last year. At the time he told me he was planning to start work on his debut album. I’ve been a fan of his work for a while now so I’m glad he reached out to me for production. I’m working on 2 tracks for the album and I’m told it’ll be out by the end of this year.

Manni Sandhu also just released his album and you two are very talented producers; this is just food for thought but have you two planned on working on a collaborative album together in the future?

Nothing planned yet. But I’m definitely a fan of his work.

If there is one place in the world where you haven’t performed yet, where would it be? Which city have you had the best experience performing in?

While I’ve done a few performances in India, I’d like to perform in Delhi or Mumbai. I think it would be a great vibe.  I don’t have a particular favorite city, but I like performing in places that don’t regularly have Desi shows. The energy is in these cities is phenomenal because they aren’t accustomed to the experience.

How do you set yourself a part or make yourself unique in a competitive industry to be a rising star?

I think this industry circles through a lot of artists and songs. While, there are a lot of hit tracks, I feel it is difficult for artists to sustain success and live up to previous hits. I think its going to take someone unique and creative to keep coming up with something consistent and new. I’m more than ready to rise to the occasion.

Urban Rapid Round:  These are a series of short rapid-fire questions.


Movie? Dilwale Dulhaniya Leh Jayenge

Actor?  Leonardo DiCaprio

Actress? Madhuri Dixit

Thing to do (Hobby, Activity, etc.)? Making music

Food? Butter Chicken

Book?  The Art Of War

Song? At the moment – A.R. Rahman – Mann Chandra

What is the strangest thing a fan has ever done for/to you?

This one fan tattooed my name and the song “Sohni” on their arm. That was pretty crazy. I think they misspelled it too lol.  There was also this one girl that posted a pic of her room and it was covered in posters of me and she was wearing a PropheC T-shirt. Then I realized we never made posters or T-shirt,s so props to her for going through all that.

What projects can we expect from you in the future?

Right now I’m finishing my mix-tape “The Dream Room” which will release by the end of this year. I’ll be releasing the first single titled “Original” very soon. So definitely keep an eye out for that.


Any last thoughts for UrbanAsian readers?

Thank you all for the support you’ve shown me. I was just a kid in my basement making music and you’ve helped me turn it into so much more. Big shout outs to UrbanAsian and their readers


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