Posted on October 19, 2012 at 2:50 am

Music What's Happenin'

Sonia Panesear and Hakan Bilal tell it to "Your Face"

Flavashop is proud to announce their forthcoming and most exciting release to date, entitled “Your Face” featuring Sonia Panesar and Hakan Bilal. “Your Face” is a duet where the two languages of the artists, Hindi and Turkish, intertwine lyrically and melodically creating an interesting twist to a beautiful love story. Check it out!

In the duet, Hakan Bilal searches for his love, a face of a beautiful woman that he has fallen in love with, while Sonia Panesar narrates angelically the powerful thoughts of the same woman who clearly feels the same way.  Yet it is as if their eyes just don’t quite meet. There she is, waiting for him all along. The duet is completed with musical production from Phat Kat, who clearly creates the perfect ambiance for the song. “Your Face” features a cinematic video, not to be missed!

Your Face” was performed exclusively for the first time this year at Birmingham’s Arts Fest 2012 at the Symphony Hall, Bham, alongside members of Sonia Panesar’s live band, The 515 Crew. Keep on Urban Asian for more news on this duo!

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