Posted on October 31, 2012 at 2:34 am

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Riyasat with the Late Rajesh Khanna and Vishwajeet Pradhan!

Vishwajeet Pradhan is very busy these days as he is shooting for more than five films. He got time from serial and busy now in films.He just completed the final schedule of film Riyasat produced by Vijay Sirohi and directed by Ashok Tyagi. I play the character of Sandeep Marwah his solicitor, who manages all his affairs,knows and keep all his secrets.

The film also have Aryaman Ramsay,Aryan Vaid and Raza Murad. He shares his experience with Kakaji -It was an eye opener in more ways than one proverbs like – paani jitna gahra utna shaant aur ped jitna phaldai utna zyaada jhuka hua seemed to come true watching him. Doing scenes with him, I felt an amazing sense of excitement gave a sense of calm to the actor in me. He was precise in movement ,minimalistic in expression but the impact was to be seen to be believed. Style being the mainstay of everything.



If he liked something I did in the scene he was always appreciative and not so much through words but with a hint of a smile or just a wink of an eye…implying I noticed what you did, Vishawajeet said.

Kakaji also mentioned about a favorite mithai/sweet shop he frequented during his trips and shoots to Hyderabad.He said wahan jao aur bolo – hamen kakaji wali mithai chahiye and you will get one of the best sweets in the World. During my childhood I had heard his songs from kati patang,aradhna,hathi mere saathi… innumerable times but never got to see the movies.On growing I got to see the films and then I could magically connect the very familiar songs to the match his charisma his magic ,his effortless style.

I am thankful that in my journey of 170 films till now I got this opportunity of working with this legend in his last film which will release soon. 

His last film but he will be alive in some form in me ,in every performer who is been inspired by him and in millions of fans all over the World.Long live Kakaji – says Vishwajeet Pradhan with tears in his eyes.

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