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Raghav's big Bollywood release!

If you’re a Raghav fan, like I am, then you are probably wishing that Raghav will be in Bollywood as a male lead!  Unfortunately, for now, that wish is remaining just a wish.  Don’t lose hope though, because the Bollywood release we’re talking about is actually really huge too!  In fact, the banner he’s working with is so big that it is perfectly suited for Raghav’s highly anticipated Bollywood collaboration.  Oh and did I mention the music director for the movie is AR Rehman?

Raghav’s, big Bollywood release is as a playback singer for Yash Chopra’s next (and supposed last) movie titled “Jab Tak Hain Jaan.”  The movie stars mega-star Shahrukh Khan (SRK) as the lead, and also has Katrina Kaif (Kat) as the female lead.  It’s the first time these two megastars are paired opposite one another.  However, we’re more excited about Raghav’s release as a playback singer than the debut of the SRK-Kat pairing!

As with all of Raghav’s songs, this track too is an incredibly catchy number. It is a duet titled “Ishq Shava” with Shilpa Rao.  We’re hoping that Raghav will be given many more opportunities in Bollywood as a playback singer after this amazing song.  Prior to this he sang on “Hum Tum Aur Shabana“.

Raghav shot to fame with his album, “Storyteller” and continued his rise to the top in Canada and UK dominating the charts!  Most recently he released the solo album “Phoenix” featuring hits like “Fire” and “Top of the World“!

We’re sure Raghav is truly feeling Top of the World right now with all this success!  2012 is definitely this superstar singer’s year.  2012 is definitely his year!  In addition to this Bollywood release, a month ago he made his official US Bollywood debut with “Fire“, launched NYC Crimson under UltraRecords label.  We’ll be posting our quick interview with him in NYC soon!  Till then, check out Raghav’s Bollywood debut and let us know what you think of the track!

*edit 10/14/2012 – check out our interview w/Raghav:

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