Posted on October 3, 2012 at 12:26 am

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Fry. Burn. Oil. Death.

Food – such a tiny powerful word.  Humans tend to incline toward this word for culture, comfort, sadness,happiness, hate, travel etc.  The connection of food to the mind and body is strong and inevitable.

In this article, I am focussing on Indian style of eating food. FYI- you can’t call me racist because I am Indian.  So, relax, rural and urban Indians, because I am going to unravel the ugly truth. This post is inspired after watching this helpless situation


Indian food includes a lot of vegetables, which are high in nutritional value.  They also tend to incorporate herbs and spices like turmeric, ginger, garlic; they are known to hold powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.  They also seem to focus more on simple carbohydrates like white rice, bananas, mangoes, which are easily digestible and are gluten-free.


  • Even though main meals consist of vegetables and simple carbohydrates, most of the meals are cooked, fried, or soaked in layers of flour and sauces.
  • Cooking vegetables not only reduces the nutritional value, but kills the required enzymes and amino acids to maintain a good immune system and  maintain good functionality of the organs.
  • Simple carbohydrates like white rice and chapati are great in small portions after strenuous exercise, but they really have no fiber value and have very little B-complex.  Especially the infinite layers of Paratha or Naan will, in the long term, slow down your digestive process and clog the colon.
  • Curry!! Ya I know, Indians love their curry- but really? think about it. What is in it?  Oil, ghee, butter, sauce, and spice. What is the purpose? good taste- yes! but it’s not a long-term healthy alternative.
  • Sweets – Gulab jamun, jalebi, kulfi ; they are all a mix of intense butter, whole fat milk and white sugar. They are mostly unnatural and the body takes a few seconds to clog its veins with such high fat content.
  • Chaat- Seriously! good spicy sour taste. What is in it?  Fried lentils, fried peas, yogurt, spicy and sour sauce.  Again, the nutritional value is zero other than being high in carbohydrates.


The intention is not to conclude that Indian food has no benefits.  There are some great healing benefits to an Ayurvedic style of eating.  More importantly, this post is to raise awareness that it isn’t just critical to being successful as “engineers” and “doctors”, but also to take an initiative to look at the present – what is on your plate, be curious about it and treat your body right!  Do not follow traditional ways of eating or eat anything that is served with no reasoning.

  • Increase intake of raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts
  • Encourage Organic farms
  • Eat fresh
  • Avoid fried, burnt and cooked food; eat it occasionally for pleasure.
  • Spend time learning about your body and what makes you eat certain things during your highs and lows. Once you break the code, take control.

Curiosity. Reasoning. Clean eating. Longevity!


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