Posted on July 22, 2012 at 9:39 pm

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Manak-E ft Kaos puts in “Time Naal”

After a decade of being in the bhangra music scene, Manak-e hasn’t shown a single sign of aging and still he is one of the most long time Bhangra artist of the scene. Manak-e takes up the role of a strict, british, punjabi father to bring you “Time Naal”. Many different alternative styles of songs have been brought forward by Manak-e along with many different styles starting from his punjabi folk roots through to his more current Bollywood ventures.

This recent instalment follows on in his recent successes.  Not to be mistaken as a sequel to any previous release, “Time Naal” represents a fathers attempt to educate his children in the only way a desi panjabi dad knows how.

Check out “Time Naal,” which is soon to release on July 26th, 2012!  He brings a twist of the bhangra beat with an attempt to ensure that the loved one is filled with knowledge and hope.

Manak-e has worked with many producers in his time. On this occasion making use of his recent alliance with VIP Records, he has approached the highly talented musical duo of Kaos Productions. Using the vision of the song that Manak-e constructed, he has worked to create a different style of production that has not been heard from the duo before. Once again this shows off the diversity and adaptability of the production outfit.

After getting these two breaking monster artists together for a solid audio production, it was only fitting to carry on this through to the visual. The video has a very unique outlook on the story in which Manak-e himself takes the lead role of father.  Check out the trailer for “Time Naal“. Stay tuned for the video which releases on July 26th, 2012!


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