Posted on July 23, 2012 at 2:49 am

Indian TV

"Marriage and divorce are a joke today!" –Aniruddh Dave

Aniruddh Dave, the male lead in the Star Plus show Rukana Nahin,  is currently in the midst of an on-screen divorce.

Aniruddh Dave plays Indu Singh who forced the girl who was in love with, Sanchi, played by Pooja Sharma, to marry him. After much turmoil and a stressful married life the two have asked the court for a divorce, but the judge has forced them to live together for 6 months before approving their divorce.

Dave says:

“These days to get married and get divorced has become a joke”

He also told the press that it won’t be long until we see true love brewing between Indu Singh and Sanchi!

“We have seen so many times that two characters hate each other but then they fall in love with each other, when they have to stay together. This will happen here as well,” said Dave.

Stay tuned to Star Plus for all the action on Ruk Jaana Nahin!

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