Posted on July 16, 2012 at 3:57 pm

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Deesha get’s Lovesick!

Deesha Sarai is a Canadian singer/songwriter/producer. The youngest child of Indian immigrant parents, Deesha grew up with traditional expectations and not so typical dreams. As a little girl she would lock herself in her bathroom and sing to the tunes of Whitney Houston hoping nobody would hear her. During commercial breaks watching the Grammys, Deesha would race to her bedroom to give her own acceptance speech to an audience of one, ripe with the emotion and tears only a true artist could understand. Deesha had spent most of her time doing what was expected, getting straight A’s and overachieving. She began attending university at the age of 17 on a full scholarship and by the time she was 23 had graduated from law school. Her parents beamed with pride, but Deesha was unhappy and feeling empty. And so she started making her way back to her first love – music. It was finally time to do what she wanted and so she walked away from what she was groomed to become and started from scratch.

“This was probably one the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. Nobody understood. I didn’t have support from anyone really. To this day people think I’m crazy but I’m done making compromises for other people.”

Deesha has  released her album 200 Grams collaborating with the likes of DJ Double Up and Vincent Lawrence from Chicago  to take fans on a retro-electro-pop journey through heartbreak, hope and love. The lead single ‘Lovesick  has just recently released worldwide!

Check it out and see if your Lovesick for the song!  It has got an electrifying twist that will make your body move!  200 Grams is available exclusively as a digital release!  More details on the album and video are on Deesha’s website!  Go get your “Love Sick” on!



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