Posted on July 16, 2012 at 5:19 pm

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British Boutique Moda In Pelle Comes to Lahore!

Moda in Pelle is a British boutique brand for shoes, handbags and accessories which offers a variety of one-of-a-kind products designed to attract young female consumers. The brand opened its first store in Vogue Towers in M. M. Alam, Lahore where a press conference was also held which included an exclusive guest list, a number of prominent journalists and noted media personnel.

Moda In Pelle was originally launched in the mid 70s and started with a single store in Leeds, UK. Now it is a national boutique brand with more than 30 stores across the UK in key locations including London, Manchester, Leeds and Brighton offering a huge selection of choice products.

Moda in Pelle’s light airy boutique style store is designed to put shoppers at ease and carries a range of stylish shoes, bags and jewelry, presented beautifully in striking hot pink and black packaging. Friendly in-store staff is committed to helping customers find the right product. It would be no surprise if this unique range is sold-out in matter of weeks, if not days.

Mr. Aftab Sheikh, Director of QUIZ clothing for Pakistan, is the man responsible for bringing the brand to Lahore.  He explains,

“The idea is to bring the latest fashion trends to Pakistan, but at affordable prices. Our main focus is quality and comfort, and to provide high quality, luxury products at much less a cost than these major brands which are far more expensive like Dior or YSL etc. So in a sense we lie between the mega-designer wear category and the trendy brands like Insignia etc. But what sets us apart is that the products, while still being designer and very unique to latest trends, are available at affordable prices.”

Despite the brand expanding internationally, supplying retailers in Australia, Dubai and Latvia to independent boutiques in England and Ireland, this is the first time that a store is being launched in South Asia. In some ways, it could be argued that Pakistan’s urban market is more fashion conscious and attuned to the constantly changing trends in the fashion world and is welcoming high street brands which have not even opened in India yet. A gratifying accomplishment indeed!

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