Posted on June 3, 2012 at 6:10 am

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The Wedding Song hits the Bhangra Scene!

Heartfelt lyrics energised with a perfectly balanced Bhangra beat, brought to you by the upcoming, producer known as “Harjeet”. The forthcoming single “The Wedding Song” produced by Harjeet and featuring the renown Sanjay Dhaliwal for his hit “Aaj Meh Peeni” is now available on iTunes , along with the Music Video release that will be aired worldwide! Check out the video below!

“The motivation to create something different in a music video and put some great placement and props in was at its peak with this music video, it is this that has let us capture the feeling and atmosphere we all get at family weddings”. – Mani Ranautta, Director.

“It was a great day and experience, filming The Wedding Song music video. Everyone who was there was excited and couldn’t wait to start dancing. It was great seeing so many guests turning up bright and early, in their wedding outfits raring to go. A big thank you has to go out to every one of them, Sanjay Dhaliwal, VISIOStudios Camera Crew, PDS DJs, Oasis Banqueting, 1Stop Weddings and the makeup artists – thanks to them all for bringing the wedding party to life”. – Harjeet, Producer.

With the current trailer populated views in the thousands for his trailer on YouTube, the artist expressed his appreciation for the already high levels of support for music and hopes that all the fans watching enjoy. Tell us what you think of the new act on Urban Asian!


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