Posted on June 3, 2012 at 5:56 am

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Rishi says no more "Stress"

After the success in  South Asia of his debut track Club Scene which was produced by the one and only Kam FranticRishi is set to take the UK by storm with this single. With production by Nathan C who is renowned on the club scene and has produced tracks for the likes of Lily Allen, Example and the Sugababes, the combination of the two talents has certainly created a sure-fire winner amongst club-goers.


Rishi states the aim of this track is for “people to listen to it, feel uplifted and feel the beat”. What better way to relieve stress than listening to vocals you can relate to and then listening to the music drop?  Rishi’s vocals combined with the production of the acclaimed DJ Nathan C make this the perfect blend of  R’n’B and dance that is taking over the UK right nowThe track is meant to help you release your fears and stress away – find out if it did in this video! Check out Stress!

With his fingers firmly on the pulse of what is hot right now Rishi is definitely stepping in the right musical direction for a long lasting musical career and keeps us guessing as to what is to come next! Will this track be a club banger? We will just have to find out, if you are loving the tune go and grab it off Itunes!

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