Posted on June 9, 2012 at 4:01 pm

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Years back, I recall my hair being drowned in coconut oil, and I would be sent to school feeling disgusted and geeky.  As those years went by and as I became more sane *grins*, I realized the value of oil and I haven’t stopped using it since.

If you have achy joints, muscles, dry skin, stress, or  too much heat accumulated then your miracle cure is simply an oil bath.  Ok, now it does not mean you sit in a tub filled with oil, but you simply apply the oil on your head and body and sit with it for a few hours before you rinse it off.  These are some oils you could use depending on the benefits you are looking for.


– Reduces body heat

– Excellent moisturizer

-Lubricates your joints and reduces locks.

-Internal use, serves as anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial

-Thick hair, smooth skin is a default outcome.


– The best oil for good complexion; rich in Vitamin A, E and D

– Makes your hair thicker and shiny

– Excellent skin lubricator


Breaks internal and extrenal scar tissues and prevents new scar formations

– Supports healthy skin and hair

– Serves as anti- bacterial and anti- inflammatory

– Makes your hair color darker and regenerates hair growth


– Apply the oil you chose on your hair and body

– Massage for a while

– If you have more tolerance to oil, then wrap up your hair and you can sleep with it overnight

– If not, after a couple of hours you can rinse it off (If you feel cold or have an headache rinse it off immediately)

Regular oil baths , at least once a week promotes great health and body.

What are you waiting for? Oil it up!!!

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