Posted on June 18, 2012 at 2:06 am

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In this day and age, every word becomes a fashion statement followed by a huge amount of criticism.  Controversies like this, could make anyone get thrown off from their new diet vow, weight loss new year’s resolution, or confuse even the health freaks, if they could be too much of an extremist.

Through my years of crazy experiments and being a raw food fanatic, I have discovered many diet claims to be nothing but misleading.  So, you may criticize my myth busting, but hey!  I can at least assure you, that my intention is not to mislead / sell my products.  Buckle up and read the generally stated myths followed by the real facts.

MYTH 1# Fruits are bad for you.  They make you fat, they have too many calories and you are going to be diabetic and you will never lose weight by eating fruits.

FACT!   Fruits are considered to be the most satvic, cleansing and easily digestible carbohydrate packed with vitamins and minerals.  Only fat can make you fat, and there has been lots of evidence where one has consumed more fruits than processed products has lost weight naturally and easily. You don’t become diabetic by eating sugar, it could be genetic or even bad production of insulin due to unhealthy lifestyle. So eat those yummy fruits!

MYTH 2# I am going to be a carnivore; I eat lots of protein and that’s how I lose weight!  Now I am fit!  Check out my 6 pack abs!

FACT!   Good for you!  But, this is called short-term thinking. Your body definitely burns more energy digesting meat and hence helps losing some weight.  But what about all the essential vitamins and fruits which are actually going to help you live longer and fight cancer?  And let’s not forget that fruits and vegetables have loads of protein .

MYTH 3# Running is bad for you; You are going to kill yourself , or you are going to be in bed for the rest of your life!

FACT!   Which sport doesn’t involve injury?  But that’s the whole of point of using terms such as training, practice or endurance.  You learn things, by making mistakes.  And if you don’t, then that’s a different story.

But the fact is- Running is a great cardio activity ; keeps you healthy, alive and young.Running on pavements or with too much pressure is always a bad news. Learn to gallop like a horse and apply that motion when you run, I assure you it’s a blissful journey from there on.

MYTH 4#  All the crazy diets – cookie diet, hollywood diet, celebrity diet, the boxed food, organic meals at your door …yada yada…

FACT!  There is a reason why certain foods are available from nature directly.  As humans it is best to stick to a diet which is available in it’s natural form and not alternated or modified just for the purpose of making money/ marketing.  The real diet is eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and not getting motivated by false diet plans when their real motive is not your health but increasing their bank balance.

There will always be new myths and facts, but think about this – if there were no technologies or business-minded people, what would be really available in it’s purest form?  You know the answer!  Follow it!

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