Posted on June 16, 2012 at 11:18 pm

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Father’s Day with Ferrari Ki Sawaari

Since Ferrari Ki Sawaari released on Friday (June 15th), it has quickly risen to the top faster than a Ferrari!  The film is already winning a lot of accolades and appreciation from the filmy brigade as well as audiences.  The movie stars Sharman Joshi in the lead male role.  It is the first time he has had to carry an entire film on his shoulders, and it has proven to be a successful venture!

Fans worldwide have been raving about the movie.  Ferrari ki Sawaari is a movie that defines the father – son relationship, it portrays the extent to which a father can go to fulfill his sons dreams. The movie shows the three generations and the changes in the father son relationship over the years.  It is a movie that wins you over due to its simplicity and instigates you to look within yourself.

Tomorrow the 17th of June we celebrate Father’s Day, and the perfect way to celebrate it is by treating your dad to the most heart-felt movie.  Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a movie packed with emotion and to watch it with your father is an altogether different joy ride.

On the occasion of Father’s Day join Rusy and Kayo, as their magical journey unveils with nostalgic moments.

Join the joy ride-

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