Posted on June 20, 2012 at 11:41 pm

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Banger to release second single “Patandra”

Following his first hit, “Soorma” featuring the Late Kuldeep Manak, Banger is back with another solo project, Bhangra artist Banger is preparing to release his second single “Patandra!” 

Banger has been versed in Dhol, Tumbi, Algoze and Harmonium since the age of 14, inspired by his mentor, the late Kuldeep Manak. A member of the MoneySpinner music team, he debuted his vocal talents this past January with the release of “Soorma” which received much bhangra industry buzz. “Patandra” showcases not only Banger but the lyrics of Lally and the additional vocals of Jassi. The track is a dance floor anthem, produced by Sukhi Chand.
You can catch Banger on tour in the UK alongside Sufi/Bollywood singer Master Saleem starting August 17th. Be sure to download “Patandra” on iTunes June 21st and stay tuned to Urban Asian for all the latest bhangra news!

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