Posted on June 20, 2012 at 11:43 pm

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Ayesha Carmela: The next Sunny Leone

British South Asian glamour model, Ayesha Carmela, will be the next adult entertainment star to crossover into Bollywood. Much like well-known porn star turned actress, Sunny Leone, Ayesha has been courted by a variety of Bollywood producers to transition to the industry.

Ayesha is currently studying to become a nurse alongside her role on “Masti Chat”, the UK’s first Asian interactive adult entertainment show. Featured on Sky Channel 906, “Masti Chat” allows viewers to call the women of the show and connect over the phone or simply watch them in action on the screen. She is also very proactive about her fitness and health, and is preparing for UKBFF’s “Miss Bikini” competition.

Only in her twenties, Ayesha is already a star thanks to “Masti Chat”. Her unique Indian/Italian heritage alongside a fit figure mesmerize viewers and Bollywood producers alike. She states “Although it is too early to speak about the offers, I was quite taken aback when I was approached. Performing has been in my blood from an early age, but Bollywood was something that had never ever crossed my mind”. She is eager to join the industry and hopes to someday work with Salman Khan.

Although Sunny Leone may be considered competition, Ayesha is eager to follow her footsteps. “I’m thrilled that a porn star liek Sunny Leone will be able to show the world that we are just normal people at the end of the day, and should be seen in a different light just because we have chose the glamour industry as our profession. I look forward to seeing her in Jism 2 and hope I can emulate her success in India. If porn stars like Sunny Leone can break the Bollywood stigma and pave the way for glamour models, then what’s stopping a Masti Babe? And nobody entertains like a Masti Babe”.

For those of you in the UK, catch Ayesha on “Masti Chat” on SKY 906. As for you North Americans, stay tuned to Urban Asian for all the latest Ayesha Carmela news! What do you think – do you think she has what it takes?

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