Posted on May 18, 2012 at 1:32 am

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Ishq Khuda reviving Pakistani cinema!

With blockbusting successful movie like Mohabatan Sachian and Sulakhein on his resume, Shahzad Rafique is determined to bring a revival in Pakistani film industry. He has focused all his directional skills on his latest upcoming movie ‘Ishq Khuda’ which is scheduled on global release this Eid.


The film is based on a love triangle between Ahsan Khan, Meera and another actor yet to be revealed. Centered on the theme of Sufism, Khan explains that the film intends to show that when a person fails in the pursuit of worldly endeavors and passions, they start to question their reason for existence and start to struggle for a higher love. Shaan and Saima will have guest appearance in the movie. Ishq Khuda is extensively shot in the war-torn and flood-affected region of Swat. It is written by Saleem Zuberi and Pervez Kaleem.

The movie is distributed on global level by IMGC. Be sure to keep it locked on Urban Asian for more updated on this amazing new flick!

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