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*EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW* JDhee & Reality Raj… They're SynSational!!

They’re new to the scene but you would think so otherwise after listening to a few of their tracks. With tremendous talent and tons of potential, Toronto’s very own SynSational – Reality Raj and JDhee – are all set to take over the desiFEST stage!

They’ve done a few covers and remixes as well as have created many of their own original songs.  JDhee sings on the tracks while Reality Raj raps. Many have even compared Reality Raj to Tyga stating he sounds very similar to him. It’s shocking to believe the two haven’t received any vocal training. It’s hard to keep up with Raj’s raps with his lightning speed, and JDhee’s smooth vocals always leave you wanting more!

The two have already performed alongside many great artists and recently were the special guest performers at a Jazzy B & Sukshinder Shinda’s concert that happened last month in Toronto!

Their singers, rappers, musicians, writers, and as if that wasn’t enough, they’re also comedians! They’ve got their own show, “The SynSational Show” where they post up vlogs and skits to entertain their fans.

These young heartthrobs not only have incredible talent, but they also know how to woo the girls. They recently did a remix to Justin Bieber’s song “Boyfriend” by adding their own flavor to it. Many say their versions better than the original and I’d have to agree!

If given the opportunity, these two can, and will, go very, very far in their musical career. They’re all set to drop their first mixtape releasing today, May 25th, titled Seven Deadly Syns.

Check out the full interview below to find out more about the new kids on the block!


How did you two meet and come up with the name “SynSational”?

I have always written poetry (Reality Raj), it was a way of expressing my creative thoughts. Jdhee had always been into music with his older brother. One day Jdhee had sent me a song he had created, I was so inspired by his work, that I had written a verse to the same song. We ended up recording the song at his house, and from that day forward we have teamed up to become “SynSational”. Now the name “SynSational” stems from our cousin and manager, Shawn Gahunia aka Syn who has a production company called “Syn Productionz”. Syn was our biggest musical influence, and had taught us the ways of recording and mastering music. In inspiration of Syn, the name “Syn”sational had came to be. It’s all in the family!

If you were to describe your music in one word, what would it be?

“SynSational”, (Sensational) ;).

What’s your motivation or inspires you to make music? Any influences you have?

Our inspiration derives from our thirst to want to create a new sound in the industry and show everyone that Desi Artists such as us, can compete with the best of them and not only in the Desi Market but all markets, performing at the highest level. Many artists have influenced us both individually, such as: 2Pac, Biggie, 112, Michael Jackson, Nelly, J Cole, Usher, James Brown, and many more.

You guys are still fairly new to the scene and it’s obvious you have tons of potential to make it very far. What has been the hardest part of your journey thus far?

There are many aspects to our journey thus far that have been challenging yet at the same time helpful. The hardest part would probably be, making a name for ourselves and staying focused on the goal, while not getting side tracked. We have had to overcome obstacles such as negativity, disapproval and hate, yet at the end of the day, as we progress further and further, these obstacles become irrelevant.

Have any of you been musically trained or where did this passion to sing come from?

We have not had any musical training before starting our musical careers. Syn has been our mentor, guiding us along the right path and our passion and drive comes from within. It’s in our blood. Music runs in the family, and we are very musically inclined and we keep each other in check. But music now, the passion to sing now, also comes from the love and support from our fans, without them we would be nowhere and we have nothing but love and respect for them in return.

You guys are going to be performing at Canada’s largest South Asian Event, desiFEST, how excited are you about that and what are you looking forward to?

We are extremely excited to perform on the grandest South Asian Stage in all of Canada, and are extremely honored to be representing artists of the South Asian community.

Did you ever go and watch desiFEST and ever thought that one day you would be performing on the same stage in front of thousands of people?

We have never been to desiFEST before, but we have watched videos on YouTube of previous performances and being able to perform this year in front of thousands means a lot and once again we are very honored and excited and nervous all at the same time.

What are you working on right now?

We are dropping our first mixtape called Seven Deadly Syns which includes seven tracks, May 25th, 2012, a day before desiFEST. As well part 2, a second mixtape the following Friday. We have performances at other venues occurring alongside our album premier by the end of this year.

Thank you for taking time out to do this interview. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans and our readers?

We would like to thank for this interview, and the opportunity to tell our story. As well as we love our fans and all the supporters, it means the world to us and they inspire us to make the music we do. Final words, catch us at desiFEST for an amazing performance! 😉

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Come check out SynSational performing live at desiFEST in Toronto on May 26th at Yonge-Dundas Square at 4:30PM.

UrbanAsian will be there, what about you?!

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