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*EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW* It's Triple Or Nothing!!!

Triple or Nothing is a Toronto-based trio comprised of 3 very talented and unique members; producer UEC, singer Shobha, and producer Bravo. We caught up with UEC and Shobha about their upcoming desiFEST performance and what they’re working on right now. They tell us they’ve got a few little surprises planned for people in the front rows!

Check out the full interview below.


If you were to describe your music or sound in one word, what would it be?

UEC: Fresh.

Shobha: Ours.

What’s your motivation or inspires you to make music? Any influences you have?

UEC: My motivation stems purely from a need to get my message out: against all odds, it’s possible to chase your dreams as long as you want to. But you have to want it. A lot of Chinese kids just like me grow up getting told by strict/traditional parents that there’s only one right way to live out your life (academics for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then get an awesome career/profession, get married, have kids, and reset the cycle), and often the pressure can become so overwhelming and intense that it leaves the kid no time/space to explore other areas of interest (and if they do, they are often discouraged from pursuing “distractions”), a process which I think is crucial for finding one’s calling.

Shobha: All I know is I’m not happy not doing music. It’s a blessing and a curse to be musical because I am always working hard at it, sometimes to no avail and sometimes the rewards are so tiny but mean a lot to me. My influences are artists that make me feel something and that’s what inspires me to make music – to move people and make them feel something.

Have any of you been musically trained or where did this passion to sing come from?

UEC: The irony is that my parents threw me into Conservatory violin and piano lessons at the age of 3 and 5 respectively, when I was still too young to say “no.” When I got a little bit older, the line was, “well whatever you started, you must see it through to the end,” so I ended up completing studies for musical theory as well as earning high Royal Conservatory credits. After I finally (was allowed to) quit piano/violin/theory thinking I would never look back, I got into hip hop and writing lyrics for myself and others. Only recently have I realized that this meant I had developed the full skill set required to write, compose and produce for pop music.

Shobha: Nope, no formal training, unless recording my favorite songs off the radio and listening back, then trying to sing along with them ad nauseum counts as training.

You’re going to be performing at Canada’s largest South Asian Event, desiFEST, how excited are you about that and what are you looking forward to? What will you bring to the stage?

UEC: There’s going to be an incredible amount of energy on stage when we bring our set – we’ve been practicing hard and we’ve got a few little surprises planned for people in the front rows, along with new song’s that haven’t yet been released and a full-out merchandise stand with CDs, t-shirts and what not. It’s gonna be nuts.

Shobha: Well this is my 2nd time on the desiFEST stage. I had a blast the first time and I’m thrilled to be back this time with my group, Triple or Nothing. Shobha by herself is cool, but this is gonna be next level!

Who is someone that you wish to collaborate with?

UEC: Kanye West. That boy is bananas. David Guetta is a close second. He’s apples.

Shobha: John Mayer

Do you prefer sitting in the studio writing music, or performing in front of a live audience?

UEC: Is this a bad time to admit I get stage fright?

Shobha: Singing live I think…no writing in the singing live…

What are you working on right now? Any new singles or albums coming up?

UEC: We’re working on TOO much: for starters, brand new songs are on the way. This batch is also going to have a music video to go with it, and coupled with our first set of releases, we’re going to be putting an EP out – something tangible so that everyone who wants some can bring Triple Or Nothing home with them. We’ve got shows peppered across our summer schedule, and we’re currently filming a documentary about the group that will be airing on several stations in China early 2013. Things are really ramping up right now…

Shobha: We are working on sooooo much. A new music video is in the works for a new Triple or Nothing song, new batch of songs are just going to mastering and I still write Shobha songs for fun.

Thank you for taking time out to do this interview. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans and readers?

UEC: if you know what’s good…

Shobha: Check for all your multiculturally fronted urban/pop needs.

Come check out Triple Or Nothing performing live at desiFEST in Toronto on May 26th at Yonge-Dundas Square at 4:55PM.

UrbanAsian will be there, what about you?!

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