Posted on April 25, 2012 at 10:51 pm

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Izzy Rahman releases his debut single "AWAY"

Another artist that comes out of the UK is making ways and this time with a new sound and new tune “Away”

A multi-talented young gentleman from the UK, the rising nation of new and innovative music, Izzy Rahman, proving skills in several different areas of the media. The track offers excitingly soothing vocals and sound, which is easy to listen to.  It also has a touch the soul just for you!

Surrounded by influences within the R’n’B and Soul music scene such as Joe, R Kelly, Brian McKnight and others, Izzy Rahman has a unique flow of vocals that will take listeners on an adventure!

Izzy Rahman has been making paces towards the industry for sometime now by featuring alongside the finest underground hip hop / rap artists out from South East, London memorable hooks that had everyone playing the songs on repeat!

Izzy Rahman is on a journey chasing his dreams and respect from the industry as his voice delivers a different tone satisfying to the ears.

Now. he has plans to make his impact for 2012 with his new solo single, ‘Away’, based on a true story from a past experience which takes the listeners on a phenomenal journey as you ride to the rhythm and feels the emotion of his single. Many can relate to the concept of the song no matter what kind of person they are.

The single is out there for you to download, to touch the hearts of everyone. Izzy understands what true music is today, with his own musical style and approach as a gift.

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