Posted on March 21, 2012 at 6:34 pm

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Mumbai Chopra Channels Nicki Minaj

On the latest Landing in Mumbai episode, Mumbai Chopra shows off her new swag with pink hair, long lashes, cleavage popping but ‘Hey! Look at her face!’ That’s right folks, Mumbai Chopra releases a parody of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass,’ but she’s got her own twist on it and she calls it “Look at My Face.”

This video’s got hot guys drooling over Mumbai, but she sets them straight by telling them that she’s got more than what they see! Mumbai looks hot with the Nicki Minaj look and she definitely knows how to rock the pink hair!

Here’s a little note to the viewers by Mumbai Chopra herself:

Dear Boys and Girls,
I could try to swag, I could try to rhyme, I could try to ball, it’d blow your mind. O could try try so hard, but it ain’t my style, ‘cause tryin’s for those who ain’t arrived. Hehe. I know you’ve been waiting…so enjoy, kittens! Hope you like it!

So what y’all waiting for! Check out Mumbai Chopra’s “Look at my Face!”

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