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Jükbokx Works With Kaskade's Engineer on 'Stardust'

Jükbokx, an electronic music group, has recently been launched by Blackjak Music. Formed in 2011, Jükbokx consists of 2 very talented musicians, Keith Hetrick and Sameer Agrawal. Based out in LA, the two artists have mixed an original track called titled “Stardust”.

It’s catchy, unique, fresh, and definetly makes you want to get up and dance, but I’ll let you be the judge of that yourself.

Check it out right here:

Although the group is relatively new, it’s evident they’ve got a lot of talent!

We caught up with Jükbokx to learn more about them and their latest track, Stardust. Check out the full interview below:

UA: So for those who didn’t read the first story we ran on you guys, what is Jükbokx?

 Basically Jükbokx started off as an EDM side project for our production team Blackjak Music.  Over time, it kind of developed into its own thing, and Keith and I decided to launch it separately late last year.

UA: How did you come up with your first single, “Stardust”?

Keith: The story behind the track is actually kinda funny . . . I remember I was supposed to meet up with a buddy at this Starbucks near my house in Huntington Beach.  I got there a bit early so I just started working on this riff I heard in my head on the drive there, and as I started to work, it just kept getting crazier!  30 minutes go by and my buddy called saying he couldn’t make it, which to me was freaking awesome.  2 days later, the demo was done!

 So we had a mixing session that weekend in North Hollywood at our engineer’s place.  We were actually mixing down an upcoming remix we did for UrbanAsian with Sonna Rele.  Keith brought the demo of “Stardust” and I was blown away.  Most of the writing was done, but after that point we probably put another 100 hours into the track.  I wanted to improve it sonically, tighten up the structure, and bring a few more melodic elements into it to really make it pop.

UA: What was it like working with Kaskade’s engineer on the mastering?

It was a great feeling to get validation from someone at that level.  I mean Kaskade has some of the best sounding records in the business!

 This was a dream come true to be honest.  When we first got in touch, we didn’t even expect him to respond . . . but about a week after we had sent him the track he came back and said he was really feeling it.  And when we got to mastering the track, he knew exactly what needed to be done. Definitely want to shout out our mix engineer as well.  A good mastering engineer can’t do a whole lot with a poorly mixed record.  Our mix engineer Appu Krishnan is amazing.  We have been working with him for a few years now and he has helped us develop our sound.  He actually has ties to AR Rahman’s camp back in India.  A lot of the musicians he grew up playing with are now working on Rahman’s records.

UA: How has the response been so far to the track?

We debuted the track at a show we did out in San Bernardino and people went pretty nuts.  Got some footage that we’ll be putting up soon from that gig.

 Once we got the track online last week, we sent it out to a couple blogs we really respect and a few of them decided to run features.  That gave us a good base to build on.  Our Facebook and Twitter fans have also shown a lot of support.

UA: What’s next for Jükbokx?

 Our next track is going to feature vocals from Jarell Perry, one of the most talented singer/songwriters out there.

 Its not as raw as “Stardust”, but its still soaked in our signature style.

UA: Anything else you’d like to add?

 A big thank you to UrbanAsian!

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