Posted on February 22, 2012 at 6:30 pm

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The Glowsticks release 'Pardon My Swag'

The Glowsticks have released the official video to the hit track, ‘Pardon My Swag.’ The Glowsticksare a multi-talented group or singer-songwriters, DJ’s and producers from Toronto, Canada. The group consists of Verse-Atile (Producer/DJ/Rap-Vocalist/Synth,) Ricky Basel (Lead Vocals/ Producer/DJ / Synth) and DarkAce (Lead Vocals/Producer)


The song and video “Pardon My Swag”, is performed and produced by the The Glowsticks (TGS). Performed and produced by Ricky Basel and Verse-Atile. It’s a fun Electro-House-Pop-Rock-Hiphop track about folks who just love to have a good time with their swagger on and are kind enough to share this swagger to the world….. The video was shot in Prague, Czech.


This video and track is first of several releases The Glowsticks are planning to have this year so check out the video and grab a free download of the track right here on Urban Asian!

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