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Gurmeet Choudhary talks about Punar Vivah!

Be prepared to fall in love all over again with the man who brought to life the sexy and brooding Maan Singh Khurana on the Star Plus hit show “Geet!” Gurmeet Choudhary is back with an interesting new show titled “Punar Vivah” on Zee TV! Check out this new interview with the star and find out what he had to say about his new show on second marriages.


Please tell us something about your character Yash in Punar Vivaah!

GC: To begin with, my fans will get to see a totally different side to Gurmeet in the show. The role is extremely different from anything I have done before. I am essaying Yash who is a wedding planner by profession.  Yash was once a happily married man with two daughters but, unfortunately his wife passes away. The story then follows Yash once he decides to re-marry mostly for the sake of his two young daughters and also in a bid to find happiness and love once again. The show delves into the dynamics of re-marriage, showcasing the trials and tribulations that are a part of re-adjusting to a second life partner.


What was your preparation for this role?

GC: As an actor, one’s preparation comes through sheer observation of human behavior as we go through life. Both Yash and Aarti are real people faced with real scenarios in life. Playing them effortlessly can come only from putting yourself in the shoes of the character. You need to ask yourself, “How would I react if this were to happen to me?” Another important aspect of the role is that I am a parent. So, the role needs to be essayed with a different level of sensitivity, balance and maturity.


How many episodes have been shot and what is the background of this show?

 GC: The show is based in Bhopal.  We will be shooting there soon.


What is the USP of the show?

 GC: Punar vivaah is a mature, progressive show that sensitively captures the journey of a man and a woman, who having faced a debacle in their first attempts at marriage, are brave enough to give life a second chance. It’s a  story told with many relatable moments. The story doesn’t get preachy about the issue of remarriage nor does it try to deliver a social message. It is a sensitive look at what two people go through when they attempt to re-discover marital bliss a second time, the adjustments involved, the impact on the psyche of their children and how they hold it all together.


What were your reasons for taking up this role?

 GC: The fact that it was about two people willing to give life a second chance … after having faced a debacle in their first attempts at finding happiness. The role is challenging as it calls for a certain maturity and sensitivity in me as an actor and I will work towards making Yash extremely relateble through my performance.


What would you like to say about your new look?

 GC: My look in Punar vivaah is that of a family man. Suave and sophisticated on the whole but definitely not flamboyant like a swashbuckling casanova! Yash is a father of two daughters and should not come across as too obsessed with appearances. I have worked on the look and yes, I must say Debina (Bonnerjee) has contributed a great deal to the process. I used to try different looks in front of her and she used to click pictures of me, giving me suggestions about my new look. No clue what I would have done without her (laughs).


What is the biggest challenge in playing the character of Yash in Punarvivah?

 GC: Well, the challenge I would say lies in playing a father when I am not one. As I don’t have my own kids yet, I need to work extra hard at ensuring that the manner in which I handle my daughters comes across as very natural. I love children and it’s really fun working with such young kids as they portray such innocence to every scene that it’s very endearing. But I must add, they are quite a handful on the sets.


Do you visit your wife Debina on set or does she ever visit you?

 GC: In that case, I am very unlucky. Initially, I used to visit her sets but now when I’m home, she is working and vice versa… So I don’t get time to visit her, though she has often visited mine. But I like her show. In fact, Chidiya Ghar is my favourite show because when I see Debina dancing, acting and doing all those gestures… it feels great. I’m happy for her and with her!


What is your take on television actors leaving TV for films?

GC: Well, I am doing a few films which I wouldn’t judge anyone else. But as far as the daily soaps are concerned, Punar vivaah will be my last daily soap on television. That does not mean that I will totally quit TV. I would be open to reality shows and anchoring etc.


Be sure to catch this hottie on Punar Vivah, premiering February 20th only on Zee TV! Keep it locked on Urban Asian for more news on all the drama!

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