Posted on February 20, 2012 at 9:59 pm

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The Boss Says It's Alright

Shide Boss has been gaining credibility throughout his journey in music. Shide, 22,  is a British singer and song writer from Nottingham, UK. We have all heard his hit single Ni Sohniye, which surpassed half a million views on YouTube, and created a buzz that Shide needed. He then released his R&B re-mix to Imran Khan’s Amplifier that brought him to where he needed to be. With all this success on his plate, most of us wonder how Shide Boss actually started.

It all started with his newest release of It’s Alright. The track is a catchy, soulful pop track that is produced by Marcus James and written by Shide himself. The track was first performed on a music talent TV program with over 1.5 million viewers, which Shide went on to win. Since his winning, Shide caught the attention of some of UK’s major record labels and signed to Sony ATV and Karman Entertainment.

After winning on the show, it boosted Shide’s confidence and he  says:

I started to believe that music was the right path for me. Having then performed the song on the show and winning it with thousands of public votes, it gave me real confidence to pursue my career and dream. So because of this, ‘It’s Alright‘ is personally a very special song for me and the one which started my career.”

This track and others are available on his 6 track EP titled Rainbow out now on iTunes

Watch the video below to a track that started a great career for the boss!

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