Posted on February 9, 2012 at 2:44 pm

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Kithe Chaliye On Valentines Day?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Manchester boys ‘Funky Dholis’ deliver a beautiful and soulful ballad in the form of ‘Kithe Chaliye’ in their new self-titled album.

The song was written and sung by Punjabi music master Dalip Singh Deep. Dalip Singh lived in Ludhiana when in 1952 he was inspired to write ‘Kithe Chaliye’.  The song became an instant hit when released in 1961, and even to this day, is regarded by some as a golden classic of the 60’s era. ‘Kithe Chaliye’ was such an inspirational song that Funky Dholis traveled in 2011 to India to meet the living legend who, at the age of 88, is still going strong.

The Funky Dholis are Amar, Gum, Happy and Jags. Formed in 2003, they have performed extensively across the UK and beyond. Originally bought to life as a dynamic dhol troupe, they quickly went on to establish themselves as one of the very finest all round entertainment groups in the North West of England now comprising a DJ Roadshow and the famous Funky Dholis Band Baja! They’ve already performed with the likes of  XLNC, Hunters, H Dhami, Nirmal Sidhu, Sahara and Imran Khan.


The ‘Funky Dholis’ album is a collaboration of well-known singers such as Meet Malkit, Manjit Sohi and J Deep as well as future stars Shelly Singh, Miss Bubbli and Ritu Sharma. With its blend of contemporary and traditional songs including ‘Panjab Diya’ and ‘Jawani’, this album is a ‘must buy’ for all Panjabi music lovers.


‘Funky Dholis’ is available to buy now

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