Posted on February 9, 2012 at 5:36 am

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'Blitz-i' First Single 'Oh Meri Nina'

Blitz-I? Who’s that? If you haven’t heard, he’s one of the hottest emerging artists around town.

Finally, his new album “Breakout” has released and his hit single “Oh Meri Nina” is one of the best tracks in the playlist! Blitz-I just may be the next “Imran Khan” plus a couple steps more, with him being not only a Punjabi/English singer, but also a rapper and rising music producer.

Blitz-I is from Manchester and was a part of “Xplosiv Family,” a band that released an album called, “Ignite”. He joined hands with many artists and went on to come out with his debut single “Aaja Mere Kohl” with Sammy B. It received over 27 thousand downloads, airplay and recognition through radio station, such as BBC Asian Network. It’s fame even led Blitz-I to Paris, sharing the stage with Imran Khan and many other artists.

Now, with “Oh Meri Nina” he continues to gain fame and success through his hard work and talent. This track is the ultimate mix, with Punjabi lyrics, English rap, and a Reggaeton club mix with upbeat music, bound to catch any Nina’s attention!

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