Posted on February 1, 2012 at 11:02 pm

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King Khan turns choreographer?

As host of the 2012 Zee Cine Awards, Shah Rukh Khan had a full schedule packed with rehearsals every second of the day and at one point he even had to play choreographer coaching Shiamak Davar’s troupe the steps to his hit “Chammak Challo” from Ra.One!



A source revealed:

“After the awards ceremony was over around 1:30am, we still had to shoot the Chammak Challo act with Shah Rukh and since it was meant to be one of those impromptu jigs, it was not entirely choreographed and rehearsed. Besides, as a team, we had not performed Chammak Challo in the past. So, planning the steps and shooting the act could well have turned into an all night-ordeal. Thankfully, Shah Rukh saved the situation. Chammak Challo, being an act he has performed to several times over, SRK took over the mantle of choreographer and showed us the steps. With his intervention, we were able to miraculously wrap up by 4am. He turned out to be such a God send! He even sweetly hugged all the dancers at the end for having stayed up so late to shoot. Such rare humility, positivity and the attitude to help us to put up a good show!”

There really is no superstar like Shah Rukh Khan, not only did he choreograph, but also the man was neck-deep in rehearsals through the entire course of the two days that led up to the awards ceremony! So determined was Shah Rukh to put on a stellar act that he practically skipped his meals, let go of his sleep and rehearsed non-stop till 7:30am on the very day of the awards show, only to rehearse again by 10am and be ready for the press conference by 11am! Talk about a work-a-holic!

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