Posted on February 10, 2012 at 12:16 am

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Casey Rain is Alone

Songwriter, vocalist, producer, rapper,and member of the British band Swami, Casey Rain or S-Endz just dropped his new solo single titled, “Alone.”

The track “Alone” is the first track from the artist’s EP “Chapter 0: Reinkarnal,” out soon.

“Alone was written and conceived in May 2008 at my home studio. Lyrically, it’s the story of a troubled relationship. It started with a guitar sample from a pop song, ran through a filter and then I started laying down drums on it,” said Casey Rain. “The first version was very basic – just the drums and the sample. I wrote and recorded all three verses and the chorus, and then a few months later, took the multitracks over to simon’s studio. There, we redid the drums from scratch, added piano and guitar parts, and had a girl named sarah, who simon was working with at the time, record the chorus vocal. I then redid my own rap vocals. Over the next 3 years, we worked on-and-off on the song, but it always felt incomplete. Finally, in mid 2011, we changed the bassline, added new synth parts and everything fell into place”


You can download the track for free right here:

Don’t forget to watch out for S-endz new album with his band, Swami, “Upgrade!”

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