Posted on February 10, 2012 at 3:51 am

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Amar Bhatia's New Journey

He raps. He sings. He writes.

Born in India and raised in Oakland, Amar Bhatia has been writing rhymes since the 12th grade!

He grew up watching two hard working parents who provided him with all they could. Although they inspired him a lot, this was something he wanted to change. Amar only knew of two ways to change this; College & Music. He did them both.

Amar graduated with a degree in Finance and Marketing while still never giving up his real passion, music.

“I realized that it was so much easier to express what I felt with a pen and a paper. I would sit for hours, conjuring up, thousands of thoughts and putting them on sheets of paper.”


Amar finally got a chance to show the world his various talents. Click here to check out the madness he’s created in the studio!

“A lot of people say music is their passion but I can honestly say my music is my life. I love it. Every beat, every rhyme, every octave, in every note of every song. I live for it.”

Don’t forget to follow Amar on Twitter to know what’s next for him!

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