Posted on January 25, 2012 at 12:39 am

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You wouldn’t expect things to get as hot as this in these cold winter months, but Young Archie is about to change all that, welcoming in the new year with the launch of this absolute club blazer of a track, Bombay Angel, via his own label Boiler Room Records. A couple weeks back we premiered the trailer for you, now we’re excited to let you know that the full track will be released January 30th!
Bombay Angel has a devilishly seductive beat, fusing a sample taken from the original BOMBAY soundtrack produced by the infamous AR Rahman, with his own distinctive Electro/Dance sound. This results in a unique sound that can only be described as BollyHouse, a spicy hypnotic style of music that Young Archie has put his own stamp on.
“Young Archie’s sound just keeps progressing and progressing. You know you can hear this in a club!” – Nihal (BBC Radio 1)
As your ears prick up to the sound, here is a track that if you’re sitting will make you want to get up, and if you’re already up, it will not allow you to leave the dance floor. As time progresses, Young Archie continuously strives to perfect his craft, and has arguably produced something fiery hot here showing he is ready to take on the music world by storm.
We would advise you to keep one hand gripped tightly to your halo, as a track as infectious, fun and as crazy as this will undeniably coax the devil out of all of us.  Here is the teaser to BOMBAY ANGEL – Let the beat take control, and get ready for the official launch in a few days!
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