Posted on January 25, 2012 at 12:09 am

Bollywood What's Happenin'

Model Asad Shan rocks and 7 Welcome to London

British model, Asad Shan, not only stars in the latest British-Indian thriller released by Iconic Productions UK LTD. and Zee Network, but also directs it as well!  Talk about multi-tasking!  This rising star is a must watch on our list!

In “7 Welcome to London,” Shan plays Jai, a Punjabi immigrant from Delhi who has come to the beautiful city of London with big dreams of a better life than the debt-ridden life he left behind. He makes some unlikely friendships and even finds love on the Underground, but one phone call changes his life and Jai is on the hunt to save his new life. The film also stars Sabeeka Imam, Tim Hibberd and Rob Thorne.

The movie has a Bollywood flavor, but also stays true to its British roots with breath-taking and edgy cinematography to accentuate the dangerous storyline. “7 Welcome to London” is a stunning film with multiple layers of meaning, tone, and mood to get your mind flowing! Be sure to catch this flick out March 9th!

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