Posted on January 13, 2012 at 9:56 pm

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"A New Beginning" with Sham Idress

Sham Idress ain’t no sham!  This boy is one legit artist, and is one artist to keep your eye on!   They say a true singer sings and writes from the heart, which is exactly what  Sham does!

Sham describes his passion and love for not only music, but also life with his favorite saying,

“It was the uncomfortable situations in life. The mistakes, regrets, the good and the bad that became the drive and heart for my songs.”

Sham grew up in London, England with his family, but soon decided at age 16 – a little over a decade ago – to move to Canada, in the heart of Hamilton, Ontario.  As a former grad of Orchard Park Secondary School in Stoney Creek, and a proud holder of a Bachelors of Commerce degree from the University of Ontario, Sham always had high hopes and dreams.  Having worked for various organizations and companies, he eventually decided to start his own business and became an entrepreneur.

His determination for living life to the fullest was renewed as his life flashed before him in a serious car accident in January of 2011.  Soon after this life changing event, he moved to Ottawa and he found himself finding solace in the world of music.  Sham says his love of music, and special emphasis on bitter/sad songs during this tragic time, lead him to want to write.  Starting off as a hobby, his passion slowly became reality and the track “You are the Fool” was written. Since then, he has written various other songs.

Sham takes his work very seriously, but says that it’s all about having fun with it too. He quotes,

“Music at the end of the day is entertainment, and entertainment can only be truly enjoyed if its felt within your soul. There must always be a deeper connection.”

If you love hip hop, you will love Sham Idress!  Look for his album, scheduled to release March 10, 2012!  Preview it below!

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