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Civilized Sessions Vol. 1 is NOW available for FREE

Par-City’s Civilized Sessions Vol 1 is now available for a FREE download! This project morphed from Par-City ‘s earlier promotion called #FeatureFriday. Civilized Sessions Vol 1 showcases the growth of Par-City over this past year.



“This is some of the most honest music we have made,” said Willy Dope. Civilized Sessions Vol 1 not only features Mickey Factz, but Joe Budden, Esso, Panama and more along with super producers  Versatile & Steesh Haggie.

Par-City is a rap/hip-hop group from the Bronx, New York. The group consists of Willy DopeAnti, and GiF the Great who have been rapping together since 2003. They officially established themselves as a group in 2009.The group’s name, “Par-City,” is derived from “Rap,” backwards, and City; explain it to be “Flipping the Rap Game,” Par, and being in their own world, “City.” At the time of their inception, they used tracks where the beat was flipped backwards, because they could not afford to buy beats from producers. In 2003, when they began, they had no intentions of being popular, but people started to like their music, which caused them all to take music more seriously.

Their style is formed from their different personalities, which all come together to create a unique sound. By using their individual strengths to write their own lyrics, engineer the music, as well as self-promote their own work over the years, they have constantly been on the forefront of the New York Hip-Hop scene. Par-City has recently been working on a new project called “#FeatureFridays,” in which they release an original track on a weekly basis, with a featured artist on it. They are scheduled to tour the country with the Blitz &Beatz Tour in the Fall of 2011, presented by


Their second single off of the project is “Mass Destruction” featuring the All City Chess Club’s Mickey Factz, produced by British Super Producer Steesh Haggie.

Listen to “Mass Destruction” and give us your feedback:

Recently, Par-City and company shook the foundation of The National Underground in Manhattan. Check out this exclusive performance footage as Par-City rocks out with guests Esso, Young L.i, Anti, PreZZure, Panama, Jay Maven, YOung W.I.T, and Mr. Ivory Snow.


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