Posted on December 9, 2011 at 11:44 pm

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Catching up with Abbas Hasan

We caught up with French-Asian pop sensation Abbas Hasan to find out about his brand new album and his new role as a cricketer!

UA: Tell us about your role in your upcoming film “Mazhavillinattam Vare”

Abbas Hasan: Without giving away too much, I play the role of Yaseen, a cricketer who travels back to India for certain reasons …


UA: Did you have to do any preparation for the role?

Abbas Hasan: Shooting for this film was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. I think the biggest challenge was learning my lines in Malayalam – a language I don’t speak.  I’d have sittings with people daily to go over pronunciation, meaning and intonation. And given that it’s a cricket based film, it came with long practice sessions under the hot summer sun. But I loved every minute of it. It was a new challenge and I got 100% into it.

The best part was working with my coach Geigy and Indian world cup superstars like Robin Singh and Syed Kirmani. The film also stars other world cup players like Sreesanth so being there during the world cup was a crazy and experience.


UA: Are you a big cricket fan?

Abbas Hasan: To be honest I got a lot more into cricket after the film. I learned so much through the practice and through meeting stars of the sport that I’ve really learned to respect it as an art.


UA: Where do you feel most at home? Is it Canada, London or Paris?

Abbas Hasan: I’m a bit of a gypsy so it would have to be all three. They each bring something different. Paris is the most romantic city in the world, and I really believe that. It’s my home and my secret playground. I love the chaos of London and it feels like the right base for me right now in every sense. Canada is where I have lots of friends and family so there’s also a sense of homecoming when I go back, and Toronto was a blast this time so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m back soon!


UA: What do you love doing the most acting, singing or modelling?

Abbas Hasan: I’m first and foremost a musician and an artist. Music allows me to express myself in a way that’s different to all other art forms. I can feel music in my soul. But as an artist I’m always going to take on projects that inspire and excite me whether that be film, music or visual art. I really enjoyed acting in this film and I’d do it again if I felt excited by the project. Modeling can be fun at times if it’s creative, or in my experience if you have nutjob eccentrics around you!


UA: Tell us about your forthcoming album…What sort of music genre can we expect from the album?

Abbas Hasan: The fans have been really patient with this one because I know things got delayed with me being in India for four months for the film and Rishi being away working with Timbaland, but it’s all about to go crazy. I don’t want to reveal too much but I can tell you it’s been a real blast for Rishi, Veronica and myself to be trying different things, working with different people and working on something fresh. My fans expect me to bring something new to the table so all I’m going to say is it’s mainly a pop record with a kind of a global feel. Something big is coming…


UA: As a musician is there anyone you aspire to work with?

Abbas Hasan: I’m digging the sound of a few offbeat French artists doing crazy things with electro at the moment. I’m also a big fan of A.R. Rahman’s work.


UA: What does Abbas Hasan enjoy doing away from all the limelight?

Abbas Hasan: I can be a party animal or just enjoy chilling out with my inside crowd. I seem to be living a lot of different lives at once.

UA: If you could have one wish what would it be?

Abbas Hasan: Wouldn’t you like to know?


UA: Finally do you have a message for your fans across the globe?

Abbas Hasan: You guys are incredible and continue to inspire me. Let your obsessions take over.


Be sure to watch out for Abbas Hasan’s new movie! Keep it locked on Urban Asian for more gossip from the singer turned actor!

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