Posted on December 10, 2011 at 12:57 am

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Anupam Kher's road to Hollywood with De Niro!

Bollywood veteran, Anupam Kher gets a chance to work with on of his idols, Robert De Niro!

Kher just wrapped up five weeks of shooting in Philadelphia for his role in David O’Russell’s “The Silver Linings Playbook.” The film is based on a teacher’s return to society after spending four years in a mental institution. Bradley Cooper plays the role of the teacher, Kher is his therapist and the legendary De Niro plays Cooper’s father.

Kher told the Times of India that this new project was one of the most challenging and satisfying times of his 26-year long career.

“I always believe that dreams come true and this film reaffirms my faith,” says the veteran actor. “I have learned a lot about the professional approach Hollywood brings to a project. I was impressed with the dignity of labor they all display.”

De Niro and Cooper personally gifted autographed posters for Kher’s acting school, and De Niro even had a message for aspiring actors too!

“He said that one should stay focussed and enjoy acting; and if one did become a star in the process, it was a bonus,” says Kher.

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