Posted on October 14, 2011 at 1:52 am

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Exclusive sneak peek at Foji's next video

What can one say about Foji Gill?

His popularity is souring in the British Asian music scene partly because of his catchy music and partly due to his innovative style of video making.

After the track ‘Bonghl gai’, his ‘Dafa Hoja’ really put him on the map and made people stand back and take some interest. The track was featured in the UK Asian Download Chart Top Ten for a whopping 16-weeks. After this his flash-mob style dance routine video for ‘Pumbeeri’ certainly got some praise and since then the artist from Birmingham is very much in demand.

A lot is expected of his video’s since each one has a different theme, and I was lucky enough to be invited onto the sets of the video for his forthcoming track ‘Minta’. Having never heard the track before I wasn’t sure if I would take an instant liking to it, however I surprised myself as I started tapping away my feet after hearing the very first line. With a catchy beat and some great vocals this duet will surely go down a treat with fans.

The colourful music video is based around the theme of a wedding but as usual, Foji is sure to have some tricks up his sleeve.

Check out some of the behind-the-scenes pictures taken on set as well as an exclusive sneak peek at the video. Enjoy… and let us know at Urban Asian what you think!

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