Posted on September 15, 2011 at 4:02 am

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Video released for Raghav's Bollywood Debut, Hey Na Na Shabana!

A couple weeks ago we told you Raghav was making his Bollywood debut and boy did he do a good job! He sang the title track, “Hey Na Na Shabana”, for up and coming movie called “Hum Tum Shabana”. The song had an original version to it, as well as a remix version.

The original title track’s video was released a few weeks ago starring Tusshar Kapoor, Shreyas Talpade and Minissha Lamba. Raghav wasn’t seen in that video, just his amazing vocals were heard. Well guess what all you Raghav fans, the video to the remix version is out and it has yours truly, Raghav, in it!

India will now get to see whose catchy vocals are behind “Hey Na Na Shabana”. The remix video will be seen at the end of the movie with Raghav along with the stars of the movie, Tusshar, Shreyas and Minissha.

We had heard “rumours” about Raghav and Minissha getting their flirt on set. Well, now we get to see it with our own eyes in the video! Watch Raghav as he gets up close and personal with the movies leading lady, Minissha Lamba, sharing a few dance moves along the way too!

Raghav is already getting a great response from his fans. They were already in love with the original and remix, but now they get to see their faviourite in the video too!

Raghav had tweeted yesterday saying:

“thanks for all ur love and comments on the hey na shabana remix video from @humtumshabana if u aint seen it voila!


He’s already taken over the UK and now with one foot in Canada and the other in Bollywood, we can’t wait to see what else Raghav has in store for us. We’d love to see him do more Bollywood tracks with that amazing, beautiful, talented voice of his.

Hey Na Na Na, Ho Na Na Na, Shabana, Shabana!


We can’t get this catchy tune out of our heads. Let us know what you think of the remix music video!



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