Posted on September 1, 2011 at 9:14 pm

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Shraddha Kapoor says Go Green this Ganpati!

Bollywood veteran, Shakti Kapoor’s daughter, Shraddha Kapoor is on the rise to take over Bollywood one cause at a time! On this holy occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi she’s requested the support of Eco-friendly Ganpati’s this year! She’s even ordered a special deity for her home as well.

“Its been a ritual, I’ve grown up worshipping Ganesha every year of my entire life & am blessed to celebrate the festival in my very own home,” said Kapoor. “It is important to keep our culture and timeless beliefs in mind.” 

Kapoor shows a lot of maturity as she goes on to talk about tradition going hand in hand with protecting the environment. In recent years our society has started understanding that this beautiful festival is not the problem, the really issue in hand is the POP idols immersions and the plastic bags with flowers which have been damaging our mother earth for so many years so thus came the introduction of the Eco friendly Green Ganesha.

 “I do believe that we have to care for planet earth and adapt according to its needs to preserve it and make it better. Hence Green Ganesha, I strongly support it & will be making sure that just like its inception, this year as well, I bring a Green Ganesha to my house and urge everone not to dump plastic in the sea.” She continued to say.

Well honestly it’s very encouraging to see young Bollywood adapt and try and change traditions to bring way for a brighter future. We too support you Shraddha and hence it’s time to tell everyone… This year lets Go Green!

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