Posted on September 1, 2011 at 10:34 pm

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Raghav Makes his Bollywood Debut with "Hey Na Shabana!"

After a long 6 year wait, Raghav has finally made his debut into Bollywood. Indo-Canadian R&B pop singer, Raghav, had mentioned before that pop music has really died out in India over the recent years. Music channels such as MTV India won’t even play a pop song unless it’s from a Bollywood film.

Raghav is known for taking old classical hits and putting his own touch to them. He’s known all around India with his very successful debut album titled “Storyteller” in 2004 with hit songs like “Let’s Work It Out”, “Can’t Get Enough” and “Angel Eyes” followed by his second album in 2009 titled “Identity” with songs like “Humrahee” and “My Kinda Girl” which featured Redman on it.

Raghav was missing being in the scene in India and felt the only way to make a proper re-entry was through Bollywood. He’ll now be seen singing the title track of Sagar Ballary’s upcoming film called “Hum Tum Shabana” featuring Tusshar Kapoor, Shreyas Talpade & Minissha Lamba.

Although this is the first song Raghav has recorded that he has not written himself, he felt music duo Sachin-Jigar had composed a piece that really fit into who he was as an artist. “Hey Na Shabana” is a mixture of eastern and western vocals, something Raghav is known for showcasing in his previous hit music.

Check out the music video for “Hey Na Shabana” sung by our very own Canadian boy, Raghav!

Raghav isn’t seen in the music video for “Hey Na Shabana”, he’s only lending his amazing voice to lead actors, Tusshar and Shreyas in it. Not to worry all you Raghav fans, you will see him in a different video! A remix version to “Hey Na Shabana” has also been recorded and the music video has been shot where Raghav and Minissha will be seen hitting it off.

Sources on set tell us the two, Raghav and Minissha, were seen flirting quite a bit while shooting for the video. Well, can you really blame them? A guy that hot and a girl that pretty…of course some flirting is going to take place! The film’s crew isn’t complaining, they’re delighted with the pair’s chemistry for the video.

Raghav has finally put his foot into the door and we hope to see him singing for many more Bollywood films, maybe even starring in a few! Keep an eye open for Raghav’s upcoming album “The Phoenix” releasing later this year.

“Hum Tum Shabana” will hit theatres on September 23, 2011… make sure you all go watch it!

We wonder how many girls are going to change their names to “Shabana” now 😉