Posted on September 5, 2011 at 6:03 am

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Salman Khan undergoes surgery

Last Wednesday night, actor Salman Khan went through surgery in the U.S. for a nerve disorder.  The condition he has is called trigeminal neuralgia and is characterized by periods of intense facial pain ranging anywhere from a few seconds to several hours.  Because most episodes of pain occur spontaneously, the condition is often misdiagnosed.

Khan has been living with the diagnosis for almost seven years now, and over time, the pain had become more frequent and required him to lean towards getting surgical treatment.  Khan left for America two days before his film Bodyguard was released to get his surgery done.  The operation he underwent required the removing of several blockages in his mouth, which were taken out successfully.  His family says that he is doing fine. He has even started a light weight-lifting regimen to get back on track. Khan will be heading to Dublin from the states to start shooting for his next film, “Ek Tha Tiger,” before he goes back home to Mumbai.

Both the Bollywood industry and all of his fans wish Salman Khan a successful recovery.  We are all waiting for you to come back and dazzle us!

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