Posted on August 10, 2011 at 4:59 pm

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South Asian Artists Tweet Their Concerns About UK Riots

As the riots are travelling across the UK, many people are being left injured and homeless while others business’ that have been running for years and years have been burnt down before their very own eyes.

Many South Asian artists are concerned and used Twitter to express their feellings towards the UK riots. Check out what some of the Desi artists had to say to their fans, friends, and family about the riots.

H-Dhami  – so shocked seeing what is going on in London – speechless – WHY…?
– Every1 in the area’s of the riots, please lookafter urself n ur families… LOVE PEACE

Raghav – prime minister cameron has cut his vacation short after the 3rd day of rioting… it takes 3 days of london burning to cancel ur spa?

Hard Kaur – Riots in london..its sad 🙁

Jay Sean – London town!!!! What is goin on!!! My people pls be safe out there. U know it ain’t safe to wonder around those areas rite now. Stay home!!
– Man this is so disturbing. What hell is goin on??!! I pray that all of u are keeping safe and stay away from the city centers.Praying for uk
– Keep ur heads up ppl in Uk,pls don’t get involved in ANY way,stay home,stay safe,don’t go anywhere near any main shoppin areas. shocking.
– I’m disgusted right now. Literally feel sick.

Preeya Kalidas –  The government made severe cuts when they came into power which have left society fall into hard times but burning the city and rioting is NoT THE ANSWER it has made the situation worse ….

Jaya –  Do these idiots who are setting shops on fire know that people actually live above them – u are making people homeless u F—–g pricks!

Junaid – Pure Madness! this needs to stop!

Menis – 1 piece of advise.. Don’t take any risks of goin out u fink nutin wil happen bt at this moment in time anythin is possible. Be safe nt sorry

Mumzy Stranger –  The UK is unsafe at the moment. To all my fans, friends & family please be extra vigilant & try to stay home until things calm down. Mumzy x

Parichay – Praying for London and everyone there!! These riots gotsta stop man.. its insane!!

Sonna Rele – #PrayForLondon Many innocent people lost there homes and shops, its madness out there, there has to be another solution. xx #londonriot

RDB – To all of our Fans, Friends & Family in the UK stay safe, be strong and remain calm! – RDB & Nindy Kaur


We here at UrbanAsian hope and pray these UK riots come to an end and everyone is safe!

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