Posted on August 26, 2011 at 12:08 am

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Exclusive Interview with "Bodyguard" star Salman Khan!

Bollywood megastar Salman Khan sits down for this one-on-one interview to discuss his latest film and talks about Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, Dabangg 2, and much more! Check out all the action right here!

After Wanted (2009) and Dabangg (2010), will Bodyguard be your third consecutive Eid blockbuster?

Salman Khan: Let the Wednesday the film releases decide that. Everyone wants to make a film that will surpass their last films. I’m no different. And today, we have the technical know-how to up the standards but we still haven’t discovered a hit formula. So, all you can do is make a good, sensible, emotional film and leave it at that.


But the expectations from ‘Brand Salman’ have risen?

Salman Khan: Expectations are high because people have watched my last few films. But it’s true in other cases too. For example, you always expect a little more from your girlfriend and vice versa (smiles).


Your last two films with Kareena Kapoor, Kyun Ki! (2005) and Main Aur Mrs Khanna (2009) didn’t work. Will this one break the jinx?

Salman Khan: In our film industry, certain people dismiss an on-screen pairing as panvati (jinxed) if their last few films haven’t worked at the box office. But I believe that if a heroine is perfectly suited for a particular role, why shouldn’t I get her? In Wanted, we cast Ayesha Takia in the lead because she fit the part. And the film was a superhit!


Is Katrina Kaif doing a cameo in Bodyguard or a special appearance in the title track?

Salman Khan: I start out as her bodyguard so she appears in the title song, Aaya Re Aaya… to establish the fact. Later, of course, I become Kareena’s bodyguard.

Is Bodyguard a special film for you since your sister Alvira is co-producing it with husband Atul Agnihotri?

Salman Khan: It doesn’t matter who is producing the film. A film is a film. People are going to spend money, from Rs 10 to Rs 400, to watch it. So, my responsibility is towards them. Once audiences like the film and they start coming in numbers, my responsibility towards the producer will be automatically fulfilled.


How is Dabangg 2 shaping up? Have you really written parts of the script?

Salman Khan: Dabangg 2 is simply an extension of the first film. Chulbul Pandey is an interesting guy so I think we won’t have any problems with the character. In fact, we have finalized and locked the script of the sequel. I haven’t written anything in the script since it’s completely Arbaaz’s (Khan) film. Since Chulbul has shades of gray, it’s easily to meander into different genres — comedy, action and romance. Now that the character of Chulbul is established, we can easily take it to the next level.


We’ve heard that Chulbul is moving to a metro now?
Salman Khan: Yes, Chulbul is moving to a bigger city. (Smiles) Now, there’s a lot more jhol in Dabangg 2.


Many feel you seem to be stuck on action films these days?

Salman Khan: Nothing like that, every film has action, even Ready. For instance, you can’t call every film a musical just because it has 4-5 songs. In fact, I had to work harder on Ready because the action scenes had to make you laugh.

Have you lost weight for Ek Tha Tiger?

Salman Khan: No, it’s just that I was training hard for the climax of Bodyguard and carried the lean look into Ek Tha Tiger.

Be sure to catch Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s latest action packed romance releasing this Eid on August 31st!


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