Posted on August 25, 2011 at 11:54 pm

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Chill Om honors Anna Hazare through song!

Chill Om, headed by electronica guru Tatva Kundalini, has always been associated with socio-political causes even launhing albums driven by patriotism such as “Azaad-e” and “Swaraaj.” Kundalini is working to get musicians together to fight he war against corruption the best way they know how, through music. Tatva K releases “Hazar-E-Anna” featuring Taarini! Take a listen to the track right here!

There are a few remixes done by various talented DJ’s including Indra J (India,) Dj Pedro (India,) Reverse Osmosis (India,) and Dj Elvis (South Africa.)  An Original Tune Produced by TaTvA K, featuring Taarini S on vocals, lyrics by our very own Indra J, Additional Programming by the ever chatting Pedro and power and energy by our own baby elephant Shan! This melody created by 5 people in awe of the revolution, got converted into a song by morning!

Lyrics, Guitar, Vocals and the trademark Chill Om sound all came together to form a mighty youth anthem. This is in hope that the youth and the voice of youth in Anna stand together and overcome the barrier of corruption and hopefully win against the corrupt individuals running the Government.

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