Posted on July 20, 2011 at 3:58 pm

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It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No – It's Bikram and Beyonce?

All you hip-hop fans, please heave a sigh of relief because Beyonce’s not cheating on Jay-Z with Bikram Singh.  Rather, “Beyonce” is the title of the hot new track from one of the best bhangra artists to come out of the US, Bikram Singh.  The track introduces us to a new side of Bikram and is a pure dance track.

It is highly appropriate that the track exposes a new side of Bikram, especially since his new album is entitled “Bik.I.Am.”  Listeners will definitely enjoy this vibrant and creative urban/Punjabi single, “Beyonce”.  As it appears from the title, the track is unique and, as with all Bikram tracks, the lyrics are original and fresh.

Bikram Singh has never been shy of experimenting in his singing career – whether it is dropping vocals on a drum n bass/electronic, hip hop or dance track or singing a smooth, spiritual verse on a laid back jazz/asian underground type of production.  Irrespective of the genre, Bikram’s singing has always conformed to one thing – quality. This time is no different.  To add to the appeal of the track is the cutting-edge production courtesy of the world famous Tigerstyle.

This track is fire and it is sure to get everyone heading to the dance floor!  In fact, if you are a fan of the Bobby Friction BBC Asian Network show, you’ve already heard the track and can confirm that it’s a great dance number!  If you haven’t yet had a chance to sample the song, check out a clip of “Beyonce” below and give us your thoughts on this new track.

The “Beyonce” single officially releases digitally on the 21st of July, on Tigerstyle’s boutique label Soldier Sound Recordings and also features a crazy Dubstep remix of the 2005 worldwide hit “Kawan” produced by young British-Asian artist DSB.

The album BIK.I.AM is planned for a winter release, but till then, be sure to purchase “Beyonce” tomorrow!

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