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Exclusive: Parichay talks about "Queen of Spades"

He wowed the crowd at IIFA rocks. He’s made his mark in main stream Bollywood music with Yamla, Pagla Deewana. Now Canadian singer, songwriter and producer Parichay is ready to launch his latest music video “Queen of Spades” from his upcoming sophomore album “All New Everything”.  Urban Asian got down and personal with Parichay, in this exclusive interview.

What motivated you to get into the music industry and how have your friends and family played a part in it? 


Music has always been a passion of mine and having participated in Zee TV’s Antakhshari in 1995 gave me my first taste of stage & television which I loved. Ever since then, it has been a natural progression and I’m enjoying every moment of it. Without family’s support in particular, it would’ve been a lot harder or even impossible – who knows. My friends have also played a big part from a support perspective. Shout outs to all of them.

Who do you find is your inspiration when it comes to your music?

Absolutely anything can inspire me to write or create but I’m a “mood” type of guy so depending on that I would write on a specific subject or produce a beat. I think airplanes are a great place for me to zone out and put down ideas so I tend to work a lot on flights, especially long haul ones.

You’ve had the opportunity of showcasing your music to Sonu Nigam, how has the experience been?


He has seen me singing since I was 12 years old and hits me up with words of encouragement from time to time. I hope we work on a song together sometime soon.

You recently performed at IIFA rocks in Toronto, how was it performing in front of half of the Bollywood industry, and what kind of a response did you get?


It was an unreal experience and so glad IIFA’s came to my home town. I clearly remember seeing Sohail and Zayed Khan jamming to the performance right in front of the stage along with a few others. Anupam Kher and a few other stars congratulated me backstage as well so that was good to hear.

Often Canadian artist don’t get as much recognition, but you’ve managed to merge into the Bollywood scene with Yamla Pagla Dewana, can we expect to hear you more in Bollywood Films?


I think there is a tremendous amount of talent in Canada but those that take the chance and venture overseas are the ones that see success. I’ve only just gotten started… and I’m only at about 15% of where I’d like to be in the next 5 years. YPD was a big break for me no doubt and I’d like to thank my brothers RDB for that. 

How did it feel having your album “NO BOUNDRIES” No. 4 on the charts in India? Has it set high expectations for you for your forthcoming album “All New Everything”? 


No Boundaries got whatever shine and attention it did solely based on the music. To be honest, there was not 1 dollar spent on the PR of that album as me and my crew handled the album from the ground up with limited experience in the game. So practically, there was no commercial “Hype” on it but I’m glad because we maintained the focus on the art itself. With All New Everything, I feel I have still maintained that factor yet surpassed myself from a production, writing and singing standpoint, which is great because growth & progress is very important to me. Further, there is a more ‘Hype’ on this album since a lot of people follow me and music now (by God’s grace) so I can’t wait to unleash ANE to the world to see what people think.

So your new video Queen of Spades is coming out how is it different from your other videos?


Queen of Spades defines “All New Everything” because the song’s lyrics and production is completely different from what’s currently out there. The video showcases a mob type movie feel and the story has a crazy twist at the end. It is based around a game of poker as you would imagine. We’ve also brought in two amazing dance crews and two of my fav cars; a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder and a 1972 Mercedes Benz 280SE to add to the glamour quotient.


What is the concept behind Queen of spades?


 I think you should watch the video to enjoy it!

Many of your songs are about love and relationships; your fans would like to know is there a Queen of Spades in your life?


 That’s for them to find out haha 

 What can fans look forward to in 2011 from you?       


My forthcoming sophomore album ‘All New Everything’, a few more Bollywood projects, collaborations and more production, both Desi and mainstream.  I am also going to be building my label Ntro Records as well as my clothing line and videos in a new light (perhaps in a feature film setup )!

Check out Parichay’s Queen of Spades Teaser, the official video will be out next month.

Keep it locked on Urban Asian for the full video.

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