Posted on June 24, 2011 at 9:38 am

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King Khan is late!

Shah Rukh Khan had took to twitter yesterday to let fans know that he had injured his knee and was at the hospital but he would still try to make it to the IIFA Awards.

He was supposed to arrive at 6:55am today injured knee but he was still excited abo0ut his trip to Canada!

King Khan tweeted:

Have a 14 hour flt to toronto. Dharamji for company & beautiful ladies pampering me. I find solace on planes & m.r.I. Machines..

Unfortunately he had not arrived until after 9am! Fans were starting to get worried! As usual, King Khan found time to tweet it all:

Flt delayed due to some issue…2 hrs overdue & no take off in sight. Have waved out to handlers thrice already even they have left for home

The flight was so delayed even the crew was leaving!
Handlers waving goodbye to go home…I am still where I was 2 hrs ago…stuck in & delhi

Lucky for his fans, Shah Rukh Khan finally made it to Toronto safe and sound!

In Toronto…so much love…hugs & kisses…thanx everyone. Quick shave then to meet the Premier Dalton McGinty. Feel honored & humbled

Toronto…raindrops…black coffee..48 hrs to time off from work..Thinking how time & distance flies

Due to the knee injury we doubt we’ll be able to see the King Khan perform but at least we get to see him!

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