Posted on June 23, 2011 at 10:48 pm

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IIFA Day 1: Maddness in Canada – Are you ready for the Buzz?

On day one of the IIFA weekend there was a frenzy of papparazzi at the Toronto Airport where B-town celebs were arriving left and right!

Tons of pictures, press,  glamour and glitz were all fans saw today at the airport! Unfortunately many flights were delayed due to bad weather like Sonakshi Sinha, Sohail Khan, Ranveer Singh and many more. Vivek Oberoi was very excited to bring his wife to her first IIFA and to visit Canada for the first time! Hope Mrs. Oberoi enjoys the show!

It’s amazing to see that Bollywood has grown even overseas! What more can we ask for!

Today’s highlights include multiple press conferences, movie buzz and many workshops on music! Urban Asian will be in on all the action, so keep it locked on Urban Asian for all the highlights!

We heard the King Khan hurt his knee! Of course he took to twitter to let his loving fans know:

In hospital getting my knee taped up. feeling awful not being fully fit for iifa…as is attending after so many years. sweet guys wizandre and team…will try and do my best. toronto knee or not here i come

And later he tweeted:

“knee not very good. degenerated in several places. will still try and do some dancing at iifa…will have to go in for rehab etc as soon as i get bak from holidays with kids. had a great dinner with anubhav..was lovely to meet the beautiful tabu after so long. then coffee with ritesh and his wife dolly and zoya…have had an evening full of positive loving people surround me.”

That is dedication, fans of SRK are even stating that they would just be happy if he showed up rather than dancing. We’re sure King Khan will not let Toronto down!

Urban Asian wishes him a speedy recovery and will be catching all the buzz with Shah Rukh Khan soon!

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